Sex & Food: Nibbling Your Way to Pleasure

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Whether intentional, like the infamous whipped cream scene in Varsity Blues, or completely accidental, a la Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks, food has woven an intricate relationship with the world of sex.

Why Play with Food During Sex?

Why not? Food, like most things in adventurous sex, is all about sensation. Whether it’s the mental implications of licking a soft-served ice cream cone while your partner is only allowed to watch, or the naughtiness of drizzling chocolate syrup haphazardly over your lover’s body to be eaten off once you’re done, food adds to intimacy in ways nothing else can.

It can open up your relationship to a host of new experiences that can build trust, add laughter and broaden horizons.

The Rules of Food

1. Check on food allergies before you start playing.

2. Ensure everyone involved is interested, because food can be messy, and you don’t want an anxious partner to focus on the potential mess and not the fun.

3. No sugary substances inside vaginas or anuses. Period. That’s a great way to get a yeast infection.

4. Hot and cold temperatures, like any temperature play, must be carefully regulated to prevent injury.

What are the Best Foods to Use?

Honestly, anything can be used, but it’s up to you and your partner to decide where those lines are. Need suggestions?

1. Strawberries. These petite fruits are not only synonymous with sex, they’re versatile and familiar. Whether you use them to draw designs on your partner (or yourself!), dip them in chocolate first, or use them to stimulate nipples, penis heads or clits, strawberries are an easy way to introduce food into your sex life.

2. Whipped Cream. While this iconic addition to your sex life is great, and can be super silly (think edible silly spray!), just remember that it only stays fluffy until bodies warm it up. Remember that mess I was talking about? This can be one of those culprits.

3. Chocolate. Whether you use it as a sauce to draw designs on sensual areas like nipples, or as a dip for those strawberries (or bananas!), make sure if it’s headed towards any orifice other than the mouth, it’s sugar-free! A sugar-free chocolate kiss is a great way to spend more time between those labia lips (just keep it at the opening and rinse well post-sex).

4. Cheese. Don’t laugh! If your partner is lactose tolerant and enjoys a good variety of cheese, you can blindfold them and feed them different kinds of cheeses. (And yes, this works for other foods, too!)

5. Sushi. While this one takes a little more planning (and patience for the person playing the table), sushi and sex scream decadence. Make the entire experience foreplay, from laying out all the pieces to eating them individually while browsing the skin underneath.

How to Introduce Food into Sex

The easiest way to introduce anything into your sex life is an honest conversation. Don’t know where to begin?

If you’re not comfortable bluntly saying, “I think it would be fun to try (insert food) as part of foreplay,” then watch a movie that has it in there. That will break the ice (which, btw, totally counts as food you can play with!) and get the conversation started.

Just remember that it may take more than one conversation to get there, but a comfortable partner with an open mind is better than a forever no.



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