The Art of Feeding Trolls

Or “How picking my battles saved my sanity”

Me, Canva 2022

I don’t know know about you, but while we can all agree that trolls have increased in their audacity since the pandemic, I have grown weary of their insidious need to punch down.

I totally admit that I used to argue with them. Why? Because surely if met with facts — I know, I know, stop laughing! — they’d change their tactics.

But we all know I was rather naive in my tactics. Because they simply aren’t interested in facts. Just ‘owning the libtards’ or making negative comments about appearance or gender.

So, what options do I have left? I mean, if they don’t care about facts and science, do I:

  1. ignore them, which could only encourage them to grow, or
  2. leave nonsensical but positive comments?

Interestingly enough, they don’t like it when you engage in #2.

I mean, I guess that makes sense. Their whole point is to elicit an outraged response from the person they’re attempting to troll. And when you respond instead in a positive, passively agressive manner, they have no clue how to respond.

My favorite option is this:

“I’m sorry, the commenter you’re trying to reach is unavailable for further engagement on this topic. Thank you for boosting this post and increasing views for this creator! You’re so sweet! Thanks again!”

The response I get is 50/50 no response or ‘uh, you’re welcome, I guess.”

I’ll take it. :-)

My other favorite option is this:

//slow golf clap// You really think you did something there, don’t you? Thank you for boosting this content for [insert content creator’s name]. Every view helps!

Does this count as killing them with kindness?



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CL Huth


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